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QR Codes & how to use them

What are QR Codes In article-9 of our web design Cornwall series which discuss web design issues and provide advice when considering your next website. This blog post provides information about QR codes and their effective use. A Quick Response

Responsive web design – the optimal viewing experience

Why responsive web design is a must This is article-8 of the web design Cornwall series. In it we outline why we think that a responsive web design is a must in today’s society and provides the majority of modern

The fallacy of so called Social Media Experts

With the rise of so called social media experts, is the general perception of the world of social media in danger of being based on a fallacy? In article-7 of the web design Cornwall series, we explore relative merits of

Responsive or Adaptive Web Design – which is best?

Why we need Responsive or Adaptive Web Design Welcome to our 6th article in the web design Cornwall series which discusses the relative merits of responsive versus adaptive web design. According to a Google-sponsored survey in the US: 81% of smartphone

Content is King – use keywords for SEO as a content marketing strategy

What is a content marketing strategy? In the 5th article in the series web design Cornwall, we discuses the use of a content marketing strategy. As an Internet marketing strategy, SEO considers how search engines work, what people search for