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Why you need a Content Management System

What is a content management system? A Content Management System or CMS allows users to update their own website without the need for a web developer.   A CMS is also a powerful SEO tool as your search engine rankings

Our Online Training Centre – a great resource

24/7 access to the Online Training Centre For subscribers to our support package, during the subscription period, we provide unlimited access to our Online Training Centre. This great resource contains a series of webcasts or videos that provide a step-by-step

Be kind to the brain and maximise website effectiveness

Maximise website effectiveness Using a web design that is kind to the brain will increase a visitor’s emotional reaction and therefore their ability to assimilate the information you wish to convey, thus maximising a website’s effectiveness. Readers of our blog

Contact Us – invite your website visitors to communicate with a contact form

A contact form plays an integral part of a website The purpose of nearly every website is to sell, whether that be a product, service or even an idea.  Whatever it is that you want people to buy, a crucial