A selection of frequently asked questions

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1. If you purchase domain(s) on my behalf, do I own them?

Yes. We will transfer them to your control on your instruction. This may affect your website and/or email but we will advise you on this.

2. I have my domain name and email with BT. Can you still host my new website?

Yes. This is actually very common. We can provide you with a new Button Web Design website, with hosting, and all without affecting your current email provision from BT.

3. I already have a website and it needs updating. Can you help me?

Yes, we would be happy to look at your existing website and give you a quote for updating it.

4. How many pages can I have on my website?

As many as you like. From a search engines point a view – the more the better!

If you purchase a Content Manageable Website then you will be able to add/edit/remove pages as often as you want. You will be able to create as many as you need.

If your website is ‘static’ – meaning it is not driven by a database (and does not have the facility for you to edit your content) then we will need to create your pages and populate them with content. This is not a problem and you are not restricted. We charge a reduced hourly rate for content population.

5. I have a small business and want the most basic online presence. What do I need?

You need a professionally developed website, a domain name, and hosting facilities for your website.

We’ll take care of providing you with a website that is modern, designed inline with your brand and in a way that reads as well on a smart phone as via a standard desktop monitor.

Your domain name is what visitor type in to view your website e.g. www.buttonwebdesign.co.uk.

Hosting is where your website is stored.

Not only can we provide you with the best first-steps solution, but our websites are extremely extendable which means that your can ‘bolt-on’ additonal page or features/functionality in the future. Your website can expand with your business.

You may require us to set you up with an email address to enable your clients/customers to contact you in this way.

6. Can you help me with content population?

Yes. You can provide us with your text, images (and video) and we can add it to your website. We have a reduced hourly rate for this and will make sure your content is clear as well as looking great. We can proof-read text, resize & Photoshop (if required) images and upload videos. We can also write copy. Get in touch for more information.

7. What if I want a more advanced website?

For more complex websites please contact us for a detailed discussion.

8. I have another question, who can I speak to?

If you need help setting up your website or have any questions about how you can market your website then please contact us.

9. I’m not interested in selling anything online – why should I bother with a website?

Not all websites offer products or services for sale.  A website is a great way of just telling people about your business or organisation and how they can contact you.

10. How do I keep my site up to date and make changes?

You simply log-in to your control panel and use the administration interface to make changes. You can update your website securely at any time, without additional cost and from any computer. It’s even possible to set you up to edit your website using your mobile phone using a dedicated iPhone, Android or Blackberry app!

11. Do I need any technical knowledge?

No – it’s really straightforward. You don’t need to know anything about computers, coding or web design.  Once your website is set up, you can update your content securely at any time for free and from any computer.

12. What is a website address?

Your domain name is your web site address which is unique to you.  A browser finds a web site by its domain name which works much the same as you would locate a street address.

13. How do I pick a web address?

Your website address is unique to your business and cannot be changed.  You can set up additional addresses if you like but it is important to get this right from the outset.  It is best to include your company name or brand.  Also, shorter names are easier to remember, but often the very short domain names will have already been registered.

If you are a local firm it is often worth adding your location into your website address; for example a printer in Truro may want to register themselves as www.truroprinters.co.uk.  Not only does this show people where you are based but it can also help people find your website in Google.  If you plan to develop into a national firm then you may not want to restrict your business through the choice of domain name.

14. Can I have more than one web address?

Yes – you can have as many as you like.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements as it can be a bad idea to have lots of domain names as not only will this incur an ongoing expensive to your business, but it can sometimes damage your ability to rank well within search engine results pages.

15. I’m not a business – can I still use your service?

Yes.  Anyone can use our services to set up and maintain their website.  We welcome individuals, sports clubs, charities, social clubs and even local towns.

16. Can I have a .com or .net website address?

Yes.  If you want to use a domain name that you already own or one that we cannot register then please contact us.

17. What if my preferred website address unavailable?

Sometimes the website address (or domain name) that you want will not be available as someone else will have registered it.  If this happens we’ll advise you on different naming strategy.

18. Do I own my website?

Yes.  Every aspect of your website is yours.  You are only paying us to design your website and the tool that lets you make changes and market your website. If you register a domain name through our service your web address will be your sole property, legally owned under the details you enter during the sign-up process.

19. Am I responsible for the content of my website?

As the sole owner of your website, you are entirely responsible for the accuracy and legality of the content upon it.  Please refer to our terms and conditions of trade for more details.

20. Will my site appear in Google?

Yes.  We will help you get your site indexed as quickly as possible and then optimise pages on your website for the individual phrases that you would to appear against. We cannot make any guarantees with regards to ranking however, we will do our best to help you. Please see our page on SEO or get in touch for a more in depth discussion.