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Project Description

Magma Moulding Ltd are a Plymouth based company whose UK factory manufactures the popular Trunki ride-on suitcase. The companies product range is sold in over 96-countries worldwide and incorporates a number of injection-moulded plastic products...

A showcase of services and techniques

The aim of the new website is to provide a showcase for the types of products that can be produced with a focus on the manufacturing techniques and services that Magma Moulding can supply to other manufacturers and distributors. The website is not designed to sell products but enable other industry players to learn more about Magma Moulding as a company and the range of service they provide.

Creating a strong aesthetic appeal

The range of products and state of the art manufacturing facility have a strong aesthetic appeal. Therefore, the website was designed to showcase these elements in a way that maximised their visual impact. As with all Button Web Design websites, it has been designed with usability at its core, for both visitors to the website and also for the Magma Moulding staff who administer the WordPress CMS. The web design has an open, unrestricted feel, that really makes use of the strong colours used in the Magma Moulding products and logo. As well as being visually appealing and fun, the Magma Moulding website is responsive – in  this way, visitors to the website get the best user experience regardless of the type of device they view it on. This enables us to ensure that the visual impact of the website remains as strong on a PC, tablet or smartphone.

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