Launch of the Aqua GeoProjects website

Button Web Design is proud to announce the launch of the Aqua GeoProjects website

Button Web Design is proud to announce the launch of the Aqua GeoProjects website. Aqua GeoProjects is a British Geotechnical project management company based in Cornwall providing complete solutions to the upstream oil and gas sector around the world.

Coordinated branding of Aqua GeoProjects

Button Web Design provided a coordinated branding approach. Aqua GeoProjects commissioned us to design a logo, business stationary and a powerful CMS based website.

The logo incorporates an arrow-type icon. The arrow is formed using a reflection of the letter “A” in Aqua. Not only does this work aesthetically in its own right, but also balances the drop of the ‘q’ and provides an  underwater aspect of the refraction process. As you would expect the 2-colours of the logo also reflect the marine nature of the services provided by Aqua GeoProjects, which is continued through using a symmetrical reflection. The logo has been produced to be suitable for a variety of applications including business cards, stationary templates, website and Twitter avatar.

The Powerful WordPress CMS

We maintained the branding theme throughout the  Aqua GeoProjects website. The website is clean and professional yet welcoming, and encourages visitors to discover more about the company. Alongside details of the services they offer, using the powerful WordPress CMS the Aqua GeoProjects team are able to regularly update their content and provide users with fresh information in the form of case studies and news.

Responsive Design

As with all Button Web Design websites, the Aqua GeoProjects website has been developed using a responsive platform. This enables a visitor to get the best viewing experience regardless of the type of device they are using. The website automatically scales and reconfigures to the best possible format to suite the size of screen that is being used to view it upon. In this way, the website looks great and is easily navigated on PCs, tablets and smartphones.

Collaborative Process

Button Web Design worked closely with the Aqua GeoProjects team in the delivery of this project. This collaborative approach has enables us to provide a website and associated design services that exceed the clients expectations. We look forward to working with Aqua GeoProjects in the years to come and thank them for choosing Button Web Design as their web and design partner.

Visit the stunning Aqua GeoProjects website or copy and paste following the URL in your browser: