MSK:UK Forum

All about the MSK:UK forum

MSK:UK is a non-profit organisation associated with the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists.  It is run by volunteers who are podiatrists with an interest in musculoskeletal podiatry research and practice.

The aims of MSK:UK

  • Build local and national communities of clinicians working with lower limb musculoskeletal conditions
  • Encourage clinicians at what ever level they are at in their on-going development in MSK practice
  • Develop research sensitivity in clinicians working with lower limb musculoskeletal conditions and see this translated into evidence based practice
  • Meet locally and nationally throughout the year
  • Offer a gateway to the many and increasing resources in musculoskeletal lower limb practice
  • Develop sub-specialities within musculoskeletal lower limb practice
  • Encourage integration of various professions working with lower limb conditions
  • Work towards benchmarking musculoskeletal foot and ankle clinical roles.

The WordPress based MSK:UK forum

To enable MSK:UK achieve these aims, Button Web Design of Cornwall has provided a forum based upon a WordPress CMS.  This enables the MSK:UK team to manage all aspects of their online content as well as promote the activities of the group.  The fully interactive forum allows members to communicate with other on topics of interest and interact with the editorial team in order to start discussions of their own.

Usable features of the MSK:UK forum

In addition, the website integrates a host of special features including; secure members registration and login; a journal club to evaluate recent journals and articles; an online poll; the differentiation between national and regional events and discussions; specialist interest groups within the main group; an online shop selling group specific publications.

Branding & logo

As well as providing a website with a high degree of complex functionality we provided the MSK:UK branding and logo.  The clean, simple logo and colour scheme is in keeping with a group derived from the medial profession yet is striking in its own right. The logo design theme is used throughout the website to promote the feeling of professionalism in order to reflect the ethos of the group and its members.  The colour scheme is used to great effect to produce a website that is not only visually stunning but has usability at its core.

Editorial Team

The MSK:UK editorial team is made up or national and regional volunteers who contribute to the management and production of content using the WordPress CMS in their designated geographic area of responsibility.  Button Web Design based in Cornwall are proud to partner MSK:UK in this ambitious project and look forward to their continued success.

Unfortunately, due to a lack of funding and sponsorship the BUTTON WEB DESIGN MSK:UK website is no longer active.