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24/7 access to the Online Training Centre

For subscribers to our support package, during the subscription period, we provide unlimited access to our Online Training Centre. This great resource contains a series of webcasts or videos that provide a step-by-step guide to managing the content of your website, showing you how to edit, change and introduce new material.

We work with our clients in order to tailor the delivery of the training, dependent upon the experience and need of key staff.  In our experience, our Online Training Centre provides a fantastic resource to ensure comprehensive training, enabling individuals to learn at their own rate.

Access to the Online Training Centre is allowed 24/7 and provides a great way of not only learning how to use all the features of your WordPress CMS, but provides a great resource for those wishing to jog their memory or refresh their skills.  We’ve all been in the situation with a computer program or piece of equipment where we learn how to operate the system, but then come back to it a fews days or weeks later, we’ve completely forgotten how to work it.

With our Online Training Centre, help is only a click away – it provides the help you need, when you need it.

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