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Look professional with personalised email from your domain name

As well as providing web hosting services we can provide you with email addresses for your business based upon your domain name. For example:

What is a domain name?

Your domain name is your web site address.  A browser finds a website by its domain name that works much the same as you would locate a street address.

Your domain name is not only your address on the Internet – but also a great asset.

In the physical world, you can distinguish a business because of its structure, window displays, or signs. You can tell that a bank is a bank, or a greengrocer is indeed a greengrocer.  On the Internet however, it is an entirely different story altogether. Your domain name is a strong clue to your online business. You do not have visual clues; no location, no look, and no shop design.  Instead, customers have to type in a word or a set of words to reach your site.

A good domain name works in conjunction with good search engine optimisation (SEO) – it can make your business stand out from the crowd.

At Button Web Design we can secure you an appropriate and highly effective domain name that will be yours to keep subject to continued subscription charges.  The cost of your domain name will be dependent on the name and its desirability and the length of time you want to purchase it for.

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