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As part of our Support package, unlimited access to our Online Training Centre is available for to our clients as long as they continue to host your website with Button Web Design.   The Centre contains a series of webcasts or videos that provide a step-by-step guide to managing the content of your website, showing you how to edit, change and introduce new material.

Click here to watch an example video

In our experience, our Online Training Centre provides a fantastic resource to ensure comprehensive training, enabling individuals to learn at their own rate.  We provide unlimited access to this resource so that individuals can use it time and time again, 24/7 – this is ideal for refresher training, or maybe just to jog a memory.

The videos are so easy to use and understand – it’s like having a member of the Button Web Design team sat right next to you!

We want to work with our clients in order to tailor the delivery of the training, dependent upon the experience and need of key staff.  To this end, we can provide on-site training should that be required.  Matt Parsons our Creative Lead, is a qualified and experienced CMS trainer who can deliver a bespoke training package if it is deemed necessary.

Here is an example of the type of video we provide for our clients. We provide an instructional video for each task that your website administrator may want to perform. Our clients find these videos extremely useful and empowering, and enable them to make the most of their Button Web Design website. Click here to read more about our Training Videos

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