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What is web hosting?

Web hosting is the simplest method to add your website to the Internet. There are several types of hosting servers for your personal or business use.  Web hosting provides space on a web server computer where you can transfer your website files and make them viewable to the public on the web.

A simple analogy:

Your website is like a car – the web hosting server is like the garage you keep it in.

Technical specification

Services such as FTP and SSH are provided from separate, secure physical servers that mount the website from our host’s network file storage.

Data centre security

Our host has 24/7/365 on-site manned security with regular patrols of all secure areas.  Perimeter fencing and razor wire surround the building.  Access to the data-centre compound is restricted only to authorised personnel.  Biometric scanning is used for access to the data-floor and other secure areas.  Racks are individually locked and caged off.

In addition, all data-centres are ISO9001 compliant.

Network security

Network security is provided by Juniper and Cisco industry standard firewalls – tried and tested in live environments.

Hosting architecture and power

The database servers use a 2×6 Core, 48GB RAM platform.  However, unlike the frontend application servers, the database servers use local SAS and SSD storage in order to provide the best possible disk latency and consequently optimal database performance, at all times.  In addition, a gigabit backend network enables a database to be available at all times.

The Linux web servers are provided by Dell and consist of Dual Hex (6) Core Xeon processors with HT and 48GB of RAM – capable of handling hundreds of requests per second, they sit behind enterprise load balancers to provide a flawless service.  Should one fail, it is automatically removed from the cluster and the rest of the servers continue to serve your website.  Each Linux webserver has a custom hardened kernel and various o/s level protections to keep your data safe.

Electrical supply is of course critical to the provision of Internet services.  A carrier neutral data-centre facility provides a 100% power uptime guarantee.  This is made possible through UPS and generator backups.  Should there be a power outage, the battery backups will immediately take over the load and will continue to power the facility for up to 30-minutes.  During this time, the backup generators are started.  These can continue to power the facility almost indefinitely due to 24-hour refuelling contracts until mains power is restored.


All services are connected directly to the Internet backbone at 1000mbit/second, utilising a Juniper and Cisco multi-vendor switching platform.  The routing platform is also multi-vendor and consists of Juniper and Cisco hardware.  Each device is capable of routing multiple gigabits per second of Internet traffic to the tier-1 IP transit providers.

To provide the utmost reliability, a direct upstream provider for Internet connectivity is not relied upon.  Instead, a “Multi Home” approach is used with fibre optic gigabit connections to multiple providers into our hosts own routers.  This means that your website and services will continue to be available even if one or more of our hosts Internet connections is disrupted.

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