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Web Design News and Tips A bit about Landing Pages

Your homepage is likely a mix of information about your organisation, products/services and the benefits of why a visitor should contact you or click to buy. You’ve likely spent a great deal of time in setting a perfect balance between these elements of content.

This is great but I’d imagine somewhere during that journey you’ve had to compromise with what you’ve ended up with on your homepage as the perfect ‘first chance’ to positively affect your potential client/customer. Volume of text and imagery, hyperlinks, calls-to-action and your ‘message’ have likely been published to be attractive to a wide swath of visitor.

This is recommended but having an alternative page to welcome your visitor is possible. This would be called a Landing Page and you could have a number of landing pages, each designed to provide a potential visitor with extremely focused information dependent upon what they are expecting from you.

Your normal homepage would work as normal and be available via your .com, .co.uk or .org etc.

Your landing page would basically sit alongside your main homepage but be populated with content of a more specific nature.

Imagine your business is providing holiday accommodation in Cornwall. Your normal homepage would be a mix of where you are, your facilities, promotions and other bits of local news and events information plus your branding, menu and social media links etc.

Now, if you were going to create a promotion for ‘Christmas Breaks’ you’d likely have a page on your website where you outline, in detail, the promotion. Dates available, Why visit during this period, Tariff information would soon fill this page up. This would be a good reason to create a landing page.

Your landing page could be designed more like a homepage and have high impact imagery with clear message(s) to convince the visitor. I’d assume that the main goal for this page would be to have the user click to view availability or find out more. These can be your two main calls-to-action. You can keep the message for this page extremely focused and if users want to browse your website for more general information on your company and provisions they can do so via the menu. Your two calls-to-action buttons can point to 1. the availability table/booking page and 2. the main ‘Christmas Breaks’ page where they can find out all the details.

Once you’ve created your gorgeous landing page this will be the page that you promote – whether via social media, in your blog/news or through traditional posters/leaflets etc. you will share the link to your landing page.

If you have a Content Management System it’s easy to create and populate a page for you to use as your landing page, and you can also choose the name/url too. Something like: /christmas-breaks-cornwall

There is a mass of information online about how to make an effective landing page and using them should help increase your conversions.

As always, if we can help in anyway do contact us.