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Branching Out UK is a charity based in East Cambridgeshire. They support adults with learning disabilities in a variety of fun work experience and social activities. Their high quality team help people by encouraging them to overcome difficulties and achieve in everyday life. The people they support are encouraged to become part of the Branching Out team – helping the community with hands on experience.

Button Web Design of Cornwall, were commissioned to undertake a full design project including a CMS based website, social media branding and logo design.

Customised WordPress CMS

By providing them with a customised WordPress CMS, we gave them complete control of their website content.  This has enabled them to really develop their website in order to provide information on all their activities, news and photo gallery.  In addition, we setup a Flickr account on their behalf that feeds directly to the website, enabling complete control of their ever growing portfolio of photographs.

Logo design

In developing the logo we produced a stylised oak tree graphic.  The oak tree is symbolic of strength, protection and dependability as well as the branches connotation, stretching out into the community.  By adding different colours to the leaves and branches of the tree makes it feel healthy and welcoming and helps introduce a modern, bright colour scheme to the website design.  The simple introduction of an acorn injects an additional colour and gives the feeling of enabling and blossoming.

The logo and strapline graphic were produced in a variety of formats and sizes in order to provide continuity across the different types of media in which it is now used.  The logo not only appears on the website, but is used in the customised Facebook page, Twitter avatar as well as stationary and vehicle branding.

Usable Features

As you would expect with a WordPress CMS, the website incorporates a whole host of usable features including a latest news section, diary and calendar, as well as contact form and Google Map feed.  In addition, the website is completely scalable, which means it adapts automatically to the type of device viewing it.  This ensures that the website not only looks good but can be navigated easily and intuitively by the user on devices with different screen sizes, including tablets and smartphones.

Embracing the new CMS & World of Social Media

Branching Out UK has truly embraced the concept of using a CMS and engaging with their clients and the community via social media.  Their website continues to evolve in its own way in accordance with the ethos of WordPress.  We are proud to have been involved in this project and look forward to our continued partnership with Branching Out UK, as they go from strength to strength, using the website and social media tools designed and branded by Button Web Design of Cornwall.

To visit the website please follow the link: http://www.branchingoutuk.com.