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Web Design News and Tips Content is King – use keywords for SEO as a content marketing strategy

What is a content marketing strategy?

In the 5th article in the series web design Cornwall, we discuses the use of a content marketing strategy.

As an Internet marketing strategy, SEO considers how search engines work, what people search for and the actual search terms, better known as keywords, which are typed into search engines. Therefore, an important strategy for optimising a website is to edit its content so that it contains those keywords that are identified as relevant to the websites potential audience. This becomes ever more important as Google develops more effective ways of ranking a website by the relevance of its content and penalises those websites that engage in more spurious SEO techniques.

Using the right keywords on your website is a vital first step in effective SEO

When someone uses a search engine they type in one or more words describing what they are looking for.  For example; “Web design Cornwall” or “responsive website designers”. These words or phrases are known as keywords.

The search engine then comes back with a list of web pages, with content that relates to the keyword used.

So when you are writing the content to go on your website and you insert it via your Content Management System (CMS), you want to ensure that it contains those relevant keywords that customers search for, so that your website appears as high as possible in the list of search results.

Implementing a content marketing strategy on your business website?

The first thing to do is identify those keywords that are important to your business or organisation and more importantly relate to your offering.  When identifying your keywords there are 3-things you need to remember:

  • Think of keywords likely to be used by potential customers
  • Focus individual web pages – target just a few keywords per page
  • Look at what the competition are doing.

Choosing keywords as part of a content marketing strategy

You need to put yourself into the mind of your customer.  Don’t concentrate on specific company or brand names, but rather think of how people search for things using general terms and location.

As an example: you have developed an amazing new way of cutting hedges more accurately, that takes half the time and can be offered at a cheaper rate than conventional methods. You call this technique “SabreTrim.”  You could use this as a keyword for one of your web pages, making it clear that the page is about SabreTrim.

However, this is not what potential customers will be searching for – they may not even know that SabreTrim exists. They will more than likely be looking for “hedge trimming” or “bush cutting Cornwall” – these are the type of keywords you should be using.

Focusing your efforts

It is advised that individual web pages are clearly relevant for just a handful of keywords. Simply packing every keyword you can think of into your content doesn’t work – you end up with poor quality content.  This practice is known as keyword stuffing and may result in your web pages being penalised by search engines because they think you are trying to cheat the system.

Beating your competitors

To varying degrees, your competitors are undertaking SEO on their websites as well and some may have considerably larger budgets than you. Trying to compete for single keywords can be difficult and often less likely to deliver customers who are interested in what you specifically have to offer.

Instead, try to look for longer phrases that closely match what your target market want and where you have a competitive edge.  Using our SabreTrim example, a longer phrase could be –  “affordable hedge cutting service Cornwall.”

Content marketing strategy – Sustainable SEO

By incorporating the right selection of keywords or phrases into well-written content, that accurately describes your offering, will form the cornerstone of your SEO strategy.  There are many types of SEO and an amazing number of SEO consultants wanting to charge you for their services.  However, Google are always developing new ways of penalising these spurious practices and rewarding those websites with relevant content that makes sense to human beings and ultimately enhances the user experience.

Google will continue to refine their ranking systems until these spurious methods and the consultants peddling them become obsolete.  Ultimately, content is king and the more relevant it is to the user, the more it will be loved by Google.  So for future success, focus your efforts on a content marketing strategy.