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Web Design News and Tips Convert visitors into customers using an automated booking system

The beauty of an automated booking system

Article-3 in our web design Cornwall series details the benefits of an automated booking system in promoting online sales.

One thing that consumers love being able to do is book and pay for services online.  The beauty of online booking means that people can browse and purchase items anytime, anywhere.  The benefits to the customer and the service provider can include:

  • It provides the customer and service provider a way of making a booking automatically
  • The customer can see what is available and the service provider what has been sold
  • Bookings can be made well in advance
  • Booking is fair – often on a first come first serve basis
  • The system is available 24/7
  • It provides an audit trail – a booking can be confirmed with a follow up email
  • The customer can track the issuing or goods or services.

So if you have a business that would benefit from being able to allocate resources ahead of time, then an automated booking system would provide a valuable tool, helping you to convert visitors to your website into customers.

Resources could be anything including:

  • Hotel rooms
  • Gym classes
  • Theatre or cinema seats
  • Doctors or hairdressers appointments
  • Equipment hire or reservation.

Of course this list is far from complete and there are many other businesses or organisations that have services or resources that consumers could and would like to book in advance.  When selecting a booking system, there are a few basic items that you need to consider – the consumer wants to be able to:

  • View available booking times
  • Choose the date and duration of the booking
  • Make the booking
  • Change or cancel the booking.

A system can increase in its complexity if required, but get these basics right in an easy to use, clearly presented manor and as long as the service you provide is up to scratch, then a consumer will be more likely use you again, or provide a positive recommendation.

As with all other aspects of website design, it’s about enhancing the user experience.

So, if you provide goods or services that you would like to be able to sell in advance then you need a website with an automated booking system.  With online sales growing year on year you need the tools to convert visitors to your website into customers.