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Web Design News and Tips Don’t believe the hype – beware of budget website design companies!

Budget website design – too good to be true?

Most business owners and organisations agree that a website is an essential marketing or communication tool. A good website can significantly extend your reach and provide a great return of investment (ROI).

Imagine the scenario – you’ve found a budget website design company offering the cheapest rates in your area. Brilliant! Not only can you get a website, but also save a shed-load of money at the same time. To many, this seams like a no-brainer – right?

Wrong! Beware of companies selling these budget websites – they’d have you believe that they can deliver a bespoke online solution that is designed specifically for you and has all the functionality that you require.

More and more people are discovering the pitfalls of hiring a budget web designer.

I hired one of those £300 companies to build my website. They did a terrible job, nothing works properly, and now they don’t return my calls!

So, if you’re thinking of hiring a budget website designer, be warned! Here’s some of the things you can expect:

1. No Aptitude or Flare

A talented web designer is a prized possession. A web designer who works for a £300 web design company, will lack the artistic creativity of a professional designer. Do the maths – what does the hourly rate of a designer have to be to produce a bespoke design so cheaply?  

You either pay peanuts and get monkeys. Or more likely, you’ll get an out of the box, boring template that will look like 1,000s of other websites.  It will rank poorly by search engines and fail to generate a return of investment.

2. Poor Communication

If you’re going to invest in a website you expect to be consulted during the design and build process so that you are pleased with the final outcome. You want a designer who will communicate effectively and guide you through the process. If you choose a budget website design company this level of communication will be limited or in most cases non-existent. You’ll have to like it or lump it – the budget doesn’t allow for flex – in other words you get what you pay for.

3. Price creep

Many companies advertise £300 websites just to “pull you in.” The final bill can often creep to many times that amount. Make sure to see a contract up front and read the fine print carefully. Many £300 websites come with obligatory hosting fees of anywhere between £20-£90 per month on a 24-month contract – even before any extras have been added to the sparse, basic specification.

So instead of having a cost effective way of paying for a great website, you’re stuck with the budget rubbish having paid as much as if you went with talented design company. Not to mention the potentially unreliable hosting that you’re stuck with for 2-years.

4. Going the extra mile

What separates a good work ethic from a bad one? The answer is simple—salary!

Imagine you had a job paying £12,000 a year. Now imagine the boss asked you to stay late every night. How would this make you feel? But now imagine you were paid for £70,000 a year and were asked to stay late?

We all like to think we’d go the extra mile no matter what, but if we’re honest, reality can be different. Bottom line – getting paid less will show in one’s work and dedication.

5. Poor Outsourcing

A website based upon out-dated technology, that’s horribly designed and doesn’t function properly is virtually worthless and will actively put off users. Some budget designers outsource coding, scripting and HTML overseas to third world countries and run the significant risk of supplying ineffectively built websites. Work is farmed out to the lowest bidder, not the most capable developer. If there’s a problem, and there probably will be, it can be slow, awkward and in some cases impossible to rectify.

6. Inferior Resources

Like any other product, websites need to be founded upon technology that works and use the best resources available. Have you noticed how some websites take an age to load and suffer excessive downtime? These are the ones founded on out of date, or poor quality technology and servers.

In order to ensure maximum loading speeds and availability, you need to choose a design company who understand the latest and most effective technologies on which to base their designs and who use robust and reliable hosting services.

Ensure that your website will be there in the morning and download at lightning speed – avoid the £300 designers who rely on cheap resources.

7. Limited expertise

To ensure you get the design that you want, with the required functionality based upon the most reliable system and hosting provider, you need to consult the experts. Someone who offers website design services as part of a large company, using boring templates, or as part of a franchise, is unlikely to be an expert. If they were, they’d be working for themselves or as part of a respected design agency.

You not only need to be confident that you are getting the best possible advice and support during the design and development of your website, but also when something goes wrong or you want to evolve your online presence. Bespoke design, or personalised service is not done by numbers for the budget price of £300. Seek out a designer with the expertise that you require to ensure the possible results from your website and make sure you ask the right questions. If not, you risk getting stuck with a company that can’t deliver what you need.

You get what you pay for

To put things into perspective, when you hire a £300 web design company, you take on all the headaches and frustrations of dealing with an inferior staff, lesser quality and questionable service. In other words—you get what you pay for.

Don’t confuse Affordable with Cheap

Everyone like to save money, but you shouldn’t buy a website at a rock-bottom price. The moral of the story is that you get a much better value by partnering with a reasonably priced web design company like Button Web Design. Sometimes your budget is limited and a £300 web design company may seem your only option. Dedicated design houses like us usually care enough to offer payment plans. Just ask.

We don’t do cheap websites – we do good websites

We won’t cut corners and waste your money.  We’ll work with you to produce a website that fits your requirements at an affordable price. If you choose Button Web Design you’ll work with a dedicated team of kind and friendly professionals who always deliver what you want – on time, within budget, and in a way that’s going to make your website impress prospective clients and convert them into paying customers!

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