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Why responsive web design is a must

This is article-8 of the web design Cornwall series. In it we outline why we think that a responsive web design is a must in today’s society and provides the majority of modern users with the optimal viewing experience.

Responsive web design layouts are essential for organisations wishing to communicate online now and in the future. Having a fully functioning website that can be accessed by desktop computers and laptops is only part of the story.

By 2014, it is predicted that the use of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets will overtake that of traditional desktop devices.

Therefore, accessing web-based information using mobile devices will become increasingly important to you and your customers.  With this in mind, we use web layouts that adapt automatically to these common screen formats.

To be accessible to the full range of your consumers – you need a website that is compatible with mobile devices such as mobile phones & tablets

A responsive website, utilising responsive web design, is designed to provide an optimal viewing experience with easy reading and navigation.  The features of a responsive website include:

  • Automatically sizes to fit the screen of the device that is viewing it, without reducing the size of the text
  • The menu and other navigation features are all optimised to maximise the website’s usability
  • There is also the added benefit of only having to maintain one set of content.

The right format will ensure maximum visual impact and information communication to the user

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