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Web Design News and Tips Simple Tips for Better Content Marketing
Attracting quality visitors with content marketing. You think your website looks great and those new photos certainly add the finishing touch. Well done, but now what?

Further to our recent article “Content is king,” here are some simple strategies for attracting quality visitors to your website and keeping them engaged.

What is content marketing?

It is highly unlikely that readers will be searching the Internet for your specific content. The trick is to maximize the chances for your target audience to happen across it.  Whether this is via a social media platform, adverts on other websites, a favorable news article, or via your own website you need to be proactive in creating content that is not only relevant, but also accessible to ensure that it is actually found and appreciated by the right people. This is content marketing

It is not really enough to create your own content, push it out to your list, sit back and wait for the sales to roll in. This strategy is only moderately successful for businesses with lists consisting of hundreds of thousands of contacts.  Small businesses need to get creative with their content marketing strategy.

To qualify as recommended reading you will want to produce the most brilliant content possible, and regardless of size, many brands and businesses are doing just that. You need to produce quality pieces of content that get results and not just thinly veiled marketing pushes that your readers can see right through. Here are 6-tips to help you achieve just that:

1. Never Skimp on Design

It’s true, the quality of your content is what will keep your visitors coming back, but don’t underestimate the power of a professional, eye-catching web design. Designing your website with a high-quality screen resolution, using high-quality images that take up their entire frames will help give your website a premium feel.  As will using a responsive layout that ensures your website is designed to look great on all screen sizes from desktop through to tablet and smartphone devices.

2. Don’t Go for the Hard Sell

Although the purpose of all marketing initiatives is to drive sales, content marketing employs a more refined approach. The focus is on educating, entertaining, and delivering value to the reader, rather than giving a hard pitch for your products or services.

3. Make It Multimedia

This goes hand-in-hand with investing in design. Varying the type of the content you publish on your website will provide an engaging, well-rounded user experience that draws people in and keeps them searching for more. The longer a person spends on your website and the more interested they are in what you have to say, the more likely they are of becoming a customer.

4. Don’t Leave Dead Ends

This follows on from the point above. The best time to engage your audience is when they are already in content consumption mode – which is why every page on your site should offer plenty of links to further content and on opportunity to contact you or make a purchase.  The old saying of “leave them wanting more” does not apply.

5. Run Both Earned & Owned Media

Adding to the mix of your own content with earned media i.e. articles about you and your company from other sources, is a good way to engage your audience and increase your brand’s credibility.  So, if you have great press coverage or a fantastic review, then share it as much as possible.

6. Make Sharing Easy

If you create great content, there’s a good chance that you’ll earn some fans along the way – which is why it is so important to give them mechanisms to share that content with their friends. So not only have a fantastically designed website, but get on board with branded social media accounts. Remember, if someone likes your pages then all their friends get to see your content too; maximizing your exposure, increasing the potential for more followers and in turn the opportunity of making more sales – after all this is what it’s all about.