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Web Design News and Tips Why Your Business Should Have a Responsive Website

A responsive website scales and reformats automatically to match the type of device viewing it – whether that be a PC, laptop or mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet.

The World Wide Web or Internet provides an amazing opportunity for businesses and organisations to reach vast new audiences. The development and continued prevalence of smartphones has increased the number these opportunities enormously.

Mobile devices enable users to surf the Internet whenever and wherever they are:

Google estimates smartphone users are rarely more than 3-feet from their device.

In order to access the full range of opportunities and customers a responsive website is a must for all businesses and organisations. Here’s a few good reason why your business should have a responsive website:

Google likes it
Websites designed solely for a PC do not look good on a smartphone. Google wants to continue to look good to those using its search capabilities and is hoping to avoid frustrated web surfers by providing the Internet experience they want. This means website that look good and importantly work well on mobile devices. If Google has deemed it important then it would be foolhardy not to get board and provide your potential customers with the mobile experience they demand.

The competition is doing it
Given that Google wants more mobile accessible websites, more businesses will begin to provide them. To stay competitive you need to be on the cutting edge of website delivery – don’t fall behind the competition.

Customers demand
It’s believed that half of mobile device users visit websites less often if they don’t work well with their smartphone, even if they like a business.

Customer retention
In a recent survey approximately 66% of smartphone users surveyed said a good mobile site would make them more likely to make a purchase, and 74% said they would be more likely to return to that site.

Increased opportunity
PC users are locked into surfing the Internet from a static location, while smartphone users have the opportunity to visit a website anywhere at any time.

Incredible growth
Industry experts estimate that the mobile web is growing 8-times faster than the original wave of online desktop sites. Smartphones allow users to shop, read and search for information at any given time and with the development of 3G and 4G networks at any given location.

It’s just the beginning
In a recent survey, 72% of mobile users said that a mobile-friendly website is important to them, but 96% of them also said they have visited websites that are not mobile-friendly. As mobile networks continue to be developed now is the time to reach out to that growing audience and grab them before your competition does.

So as smartphone use continues to increase rapidly providing businesses with a glut of opportunities to gain new customers, now is the time to get a responsive website. Mobile device users want websites that work well on their smartphones and tablets – businesses that provide these will have a definite advantage over their competitors.

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